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Quinta-feira, 27.03.14

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He died this morning, aged 81, the actor Paul Goulart. The cause of death was lung cancer, a disease that has fought for some time. In 2012 he was hospitalized for a few weeks in the oncology sector of the Portuguese Beneficent Hospital in São Paulo.

Very active, Paulo Goulart did with actress Nicette Bruno one of the most famous couples in Brazilian TV. They met in 1952 during rehearsals of the play "Miss, My Mother," and they had three sons, all actors: Beth Goulart Goulart Barbara Bruno and Paulo Filho.

Throughout his career the actor was in several novels, such as America, Two Guys and Bites & Blows, his last work on television. He also participated in several Fimes, almost always in supporting roles. His most recent work
to reach the commercial circuit was in Weather and Wind, where he played Colonel Ricardo Amaral Neto.

After successfully Breaking Bad series, it was time to try her luck in movies. This is the path of Aaron Paul, star of Need for Speed​​, which reaches today the Brazilian theaters.

As much as acted in several movies, none of them had Paul in the spotlight as the adaptation of the famous series of videogames. In the film it is for the actor to play the good guy Tobey Marshall, who decides to join a clandestine race after spending two years in prison. It is there that you will find yours, a former pilot Indy executioner.

Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Luciana Franchini, attended the premiere of Need for Speed​​, full of powerful cars. It was in one of them that Aaron Paul himself arrived to the delight of those present. Check out this special report following the AdoroHollywood, complete with interviews with Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, and of course, Aaron Paul.


According to producer Rodrigo Teixeira , his goal was to make an action movie that had agility of production and not dependent on big budget . For this he used a short period of filming , 18 days, in the communities of German , Babylon , Hose and Rio das Pedras . José Eduardo Belmonte revealed that when he was invited to take over the long , had to overcome the fear to launch the challenge : " I always ran the major subjects . But I thought it was immature , and decided : let's make a movie about the great Brazilian theme, which is the social abyss. "


To understand the universe we would need to recreate the actors underwent a laboratory immersion . Cauã Reymond says that coexisted with traffickers and favela residents to compose his character, the villain Playboy . " I talked to some people who have participated in trafficking , and also took the point of view of the police . Some of the phrases that my character speaks in the film I heard from the mouth of people who live within that universe , "says the actor. Belmonte adds: " The language of community is very dynamic . We need to understand how to get it so we can recreate it in the movie . "

Cauã still confides that was excited about the opportunity to play a villain . Initially cast to play one of the officers , he volunteered for the role of Playboy to be a challenge for him , who long ago came just playing good guys , novels Passione , Cordel Encantado and Avenue Brazil : " As an actor , I wanted to find a else to act , to bloom again the desire for the profession , "he concludes .


Actress in the movie Fever Mouse , Mariana Nunes reveals she was surprised to have been chosen to interpret Mariana , the wife of the protagonist , since auditioned for a minor role : " Unlike the other women , she does not like having the status of ' woman bandit ' . This I Cauã and built in the laboratory , it will not be blown away by the power , and was well constructive , "he confesses .


In terms of research, Rodrigo Teixeira admits that watched several action movies for inspiration : "I went to get experience in the classics, mainly because I think the story has somewhat westerns like Rio Bravo and The Seven Samurai " . Have to Belmonte , the emphasis is on the soundtrack : " We try to flee the truism funk and drumming , recurrent in movies hills , out of the regional, and put the story in the Brazilian context , outside of the stereotypes . "


German - FOTOcom a more social direction , the purpose of the story is not to raise policy issues , but rather discuss the lives of soldiers and traffickers . " Here , the police are not treated as heroes , because they are not ," says producer Rodrigo Teixeira . " They also react and are treated with violence , are ordinary men who risk and risk other lives . " For Antonio Fagundes , the movie shows how you fight to survive , and it draws a lot more attention than talking about institutions : " It makes sense the human side of those who suffer , and makes the audience reflect around. He puts all kinds of people in the middle of it all with their own weaknesses and frailties , "he concludes .

Rapper MC Smith , who also plays one of the criminals and lived in the German Complex during the raids , gets emotional when talking about the experience of dividing the story : " The complex of German is not that everything you see on television , there are people marvelous . It was nice to break that social segregation in the slums . To my community , this is a victory on Free Movie Downloads. "

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